Client Questions

Digiland Advertising

Because you know that the client is always right, we tried to bring the views closer in 5 minutes of your time, but by means of a set of questions, if you answered them, we will ensure that we will be involved in the success of any business, and we will not disrupt you in any amendments or delays in the delivery. It helps us get the best of our ability, in the end we don’t want anything but the satisfaction of the client

    What is the name of your company?
    What is the idea of the project and the existing commercial activity of the company ?
    Does the company have a profile of it or not? Please send the file
    Is there a company logo?
    What is the desired goal to be achieved through social media?
    Who is the target customer through social media channels?
    What are the competing companies, whether Egyptian, Arab or foreign companies?
    Is there a theme or favorite colors to be used in the company's designs? If the answer is yes, please send it
    Do you prefer natural (human-based) or vector (cartoon-based designs)?
    What is the expected budget for the ads and the period for which the ads will run?
    Do you have any other questions?