Digiland Solutions™ ERP

(ERP-Digiland) system provides an integrated information environment to perform its multiple functions in a way that allows transparent and fast information transfer. Among the different departments and between the establishment and other parties that deal with it, which would eliminate obstacles and points of difference, invest in the means of information transmission and flow, and exclude jobs that do not achieve additional benefit for work.

Web Developer

Your business website is your digital reception& the most important component of your company’s marketing plan, so provide your visitors with a comfortable and pleasant experience that encourage their existence on your website and keep them repeating visits. We offer inspiring web designs with soothing colors, awesome visuals, and user-friendly layout.

Mobile Application Design

Smart Solution is a company specialized in programming and designing mobile, Android and iPhone applications. We program the application so that it works on all platforms and phones, Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

We strive for your application to stand out from the first glance, reflect your brand identity, and provide a design that attracts users. We always follow what should be done by Apple and Google to create designs that are easy to use by our professional programmers in the field of developing and designing mobile applications.

Digital Marketing

E-marketing is one of the best effective ways to market on the Internet with the appropriate budget and the right price, and we offer the cheapest and best prices for e-marketing that suit your needs, according to the specifications and requests of each customer, our goal is to work to meet your requests